Thursday, 21 November 2013

Local Links... a new section of our website

Our market has now wrapped up for the season and we've seen the first significant snows fly. This is a time to reflect on what has happened and, behind the scenes, to plan for the future. If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to complete our survey. SWEFM 2013 Market Survey (click this link).

Our market is a local market. It serves to support Edmonton's southwest region by bringing together local shoppers, artisans, food producers and farmers. Gathering places like our market help to strengthen community bonds, and they play an essential role in creating a city that is livable, connected, vibrant and healthy.

Carly Jane (left) is a fantastic local food blogger
The neat thing about a market community is that it can have so many layers. A thriving community is a complex entity. Sure, there are the people who make our market community thrive... the shoppers, vendors, volunteers, buskers, sponsors, families, neighbours & friends. And there are the experiences, on site, that help to forge those ever-important connections. But there are also rich, hidden layers.

What people do with their market purchases, the ways they support their local community, are just as important as the place or event itself. They form extra layers that move a market community from a superficial (albeit fun) place of commerce to a meaningful place of connection where bonds are strengthened, and the sense of community is heightened.

In that vein, we thought we'd begin a new section for our website under "Cool Stuff." This is a place that connects you to that invisible layer. This will be a place of links. 

  • Links to local blog writers who support our community by using & raving about local, fresh market ingredients. Bloggers who support the unique and vibrant, continually evolving food scene that we are extremely lucky to have here in Edmonton. 
  • Links to local restaurants that carefully source out their raw materials from our market's local farmers, so that you can continue to support our market's farmers year-round. Curious to know what other chefs in town love the same farmers you do? This is the place to find them.
  • Links to organizations that serve to help us all think locally, healthily & sustainably.

We are only a seasonal market. So during market season, it's easy to pop up to the market and shop directly from the farmers, artisans and food providers that come once a week to our neighbourhood. But once the market shuts down for the year, you may find yourself wondering how you can continue to support them, and in so doing, help them to thrive & support the local economy all at the same time. By supporting the links we have posted in our new website section, you have an opportunity CONTINUE to support the farmers, chefs and artisans from our market year round, helping them to be successful. And maybe find a little inspiration to try something new while you're at it...

If you follow a local blogger that you really enjoy, please let us know by commenting below! We'd really love your help developing our new website section!

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