Friday, 15 March 2013

Food Trucks At Our Market: Market Update

One of the best ways to experience a culture is through its food. That’s one of the main reasons why our family avoids chain restaurants, both at home and when travelling abroad. Food is like a window into a culture and every culture has its specialties that are just waiting to tempt and entice you, waiting to delight and surprise you, waiting to be discovered and explored, waiting to be sampled and treasured….

There are often line-ups for food
truck fare, but the wait is worth it!
One of the best ways to discover the specialties of a region, a foreign country or a different culture is to ask around. If you are wandering the streets and see a lineup of local people at a restaurant or a market stall or at a food truck, ask a few people in the lineup what’s being served. Ask them what their favourite item is. And ask them where else they like to eat. This advice can be as good as or better than any published review, up to date guide book tip, recommendation from a concierge or taxi driver (who may get a kick backs for referrals), or online reviews.

And one of the best ways to find great food for a decent price, both at home and abroad, is at a local market. Chances are that the food that’s being prepared is made from fresh, in-season ingredients… and often those ingredients are sourced locally. So you are supporting the local economy, tasting great food and getting tremendous insight into a culture.

The Southwest Edmonton Farmers’ Market is very proud to be offering up tremendous local fare this year. Part of our vision of the market is that it be more than simply a way for people in our community to connect with local food producers and buy fresh produce and handicrafts. Rather, we would like it to be a destination of sorts. A place where community bonds are strengthened. Where the local economy thrives. And where the community spirit comes alive. Food Trucks are an essential part of our community-minded vision. There's nothing like bringing friends, family and neighbours together over a casual meal in a vibrant, fun setting where there is a lot going on.

Food trucks are rather new to the dining scene in North America. Like mobile kitchens on wheels, they serve up great, often gourmet food, quickly and from their roadside, mobile location. And Edmonton's food truck scene is heating up! Though we are still in the recruiting stages, I wanted to give you a sneak peak at what food truck fare you can expect to sample at our market.

Starting May 15th, make Wednesday evenings a dinner out for your family. Come out and enjoy food from...
Try some great gourmet comfort food at the bright orange Bully Truck
Bully Food TruckWendy & Dean proudly proclaim that they're heightening awareness around the issue of bullying… and going along with that theme, they offer to take your lunch money and turn it into good quality gourmet comfort foods! Think sumptuous food offerings like Mac & Cheese, Poutine with Sausage Gravy, Turkey Burgers, Fresh Vegetable Salad topped with Smoked Meat and Black Garlic Aeoli, Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese Sandwich... all featuring food providers at our market! Check them out online at Bully Food Truck Inc. or on their Bully Truck Facebook Page. (We're quite excited that they plan to include food from growers and producers at our market in their menu! That will add so much to the sense of community at our market, and help to establish it as a unique destination for our market shoppers.)

Little Village Food Truck: Theo will be serving up delicious Greek food. Check out his website for photos... Little Village Food Truck website

Fat Franks: Long before food trucks were an item on the trendy food scene, there were vendors like Darren at Fat Franks offering up a favourite North American staple: the infamous grilled hot dog! Top your dog with some of the 60 condiments he'll have on hand... items like onions, olives, sauerkraut, 12 different mustards, numerous hot sauces from mild to wild, corn relish, pickles, jalepenos, hot peppers... and try a customer favourite: the Avenue Dog, topped with Canadian cheddar and bacon.

The Pink Kernel: Shirley & Anthony will be offering great items to round out your meal like mini donuts, Hawaiian Ice, freshly squeezed lemonade, novelty ice cream and bottled beverages.

The food truck trend is sweeping across North America and bringing wonderfully fresh and inventive foods to its streets and city markets. These mobile kitchens offer up really creative, extremely delicious, often very gourmet foods, and are an exciting new “must try” experience on the culinary landscape. Come to our market to experience it for yourself… your tastebuds will thank you! Bring your families down on Wednesdays, starting May 15th and (even better perhaps!!) you won’t have to cook that mid-week meal! Stay tuned for more updates as our 2013 market slowly, but surely, comes together...

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