Friday, 22 March 2013

Meet Our New Market Manager

Today it is my pleasure to introduce to you our new Market Manager for the 2013 season, Melisa Zapisocky.

Originally from Edmonton, Melisa has always been interested in and passionate about the local food movement. She has worked in a variety of positions that have covered a wide spectrum of learning and living... from experiencing and contributing hard labour in fields, orchards and greenhouses, to teaching and training market managers under the Alberta Farmers' Market Association. She has helped develop agri-tourism businesses under Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development, worked market stalls and developed and implemented home delivery programs for local food. She has been an important player in growing a few key market-based businesses and comes to our market, eager to share her knowledge and expertise to help us take our market to the next level.

Researching for her masters degree in Sustainable Food and Agriculture Development, she immersed herself further in what was clearly becoming her life-long, passion: a study and promotion of the local food movement. Interestingly, this included spending time in the Yukon, researching and ultimately making recommendations to the government, ways to strengthen the Yukon's vulnerable food system.

Using this incredible Yukon experience and other knowledge that she has gained working in many, many areas of the local food movements in both Canada and the United States, she now returns home and comes to us, fresh from the market scene of Seattle and the surrounding Washington State area.

Please join us in giving her a warm welcome to our market. If you would like to contact her, she can be reached by email at and by cell phone at (780) 868-9210.

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Contributed by Sheri Hendsbee


  1. Melisa is an incredible professional and passionate community member. SWEFM is SO lucky to have her. Congrats to you all. I'll definitely come down to the market and enjoy all that you are building.

    Joey Hundert
    Founder & CEO

  2. congratulations Melisa! The Southwest Edmonton Farmers' Market is lucky to have you!