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Fresh Sheet: August 20, 2014

Eat your vegetables!
Join us WEDNESDAY in the Terwillegar Recreation Center Parking Lot from 4:30-7:30

Late August is a wonderful time in Edmonton for local vegetables. From kale to corn to cauliflower (and everything in between), now is the time where almost everything is in season. Our vegetable vendors will have fresh produce of all sorts piled high this week, and many of our food trucks and ready-to-eat food vendors include local vegetables in their products at market. Don't miss out on this time of plenty!

For market shopping tips, be sure to check out this page to ensure your market visit is everything it should be. And remember, please leave Fido at home- no dogs are allowed where food is being served!  

With conflicting information about carbohydrates everywhere, it's hard to know which carbs are healthy to eat, if it's okay to eat them at all! Stop fad dieting and visit the info tent to take part in this week's SWEFM challenge: Carbohydrates are Complex! It's the second installment of our macro-nutrient information series to help teach you about the building blocks of a good diet before school starts again. Look forward to our next theme, Fat is your Friend in the coming weeks!

We will have nutritional information about protein and the important role it plays in a healthy diet, plus show you vendor foods at our market, including Prairie Mill Bread Co, Celebrate, Gluten Free, Steve & Dan's B.C. Fruit, Red Apple, AIG Produce, Honest Dumplings and more! Simply fill out a short pop quiz about carbohydrates and and SWEFM to have the chance to win a SWEFM gift basket filled with healthy carbohydrates and a reusable shopping bag!

Our volunteers will also be loaded with nutrition tip sheets that are all about carbohydrates to help you with the challenge and teach you more about the benefits of this important nutrient. If you'd like more nutritional information, be sure to go on a health tour with Chelsey, our nutrition guide. She can walk you through the market, talk to you about your dietary goals, and help you shop for items that will help you reach those goals. 

As your favourite community market, we do our best to connect you to your neighbour

Riverbend Community League will be in our Community Tent this week, providing information about community programs and renewing memberships. If you live in the Riverbend community, and even if you don't, stop by and say hello!

The Sprouts Program for kids is filled for the season, but families who missed out on registration can always access the Sprouts recipes online!  For more information on the Sprouts Program and to see the Sprouts recipes for kids, click here. 

The inflatable slide will also be here this week, weather permitting.

Fresh and ripe fruit is flowing steadily from B.C. this week. The fruit vendors joining us at SWEFM this week are:

Red Apple B.C. Fruit will be at market with their fresh berries, apples, peaches and nectarines.
Steve & Dan's B.C. Fruit will be bringing their delicious peaches, nectarines, fresh apples, cherries, berries, dehydrated fruit and apple juice this week. 
AIG Produce brings their wonderful cherries, berries and peaches to market directly from Osoyoos, one of Canada's premier fruit-growing regions. 


With everything in season, now is the perfect time to try a new vegetable or a new recipe. The vegetable vendors joining us this week are: 

Dargatz Family Farm will be at market this week with their fantastic cherry tomatoes, mini peppers, potatoes, lettuces, herb pots and more. 
The Plot will be with us again this week, bringing Baby Gourmet potatoes, beets, beans, rainbow Swiss Chard, green onion, basil, cilantro, zucchini and kale chips. 
Holden Colony brings their whole bounty to market week after week! Expect a variety of fresh vegetables including kale, lettuce, onions, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and garlic, along with other staples like eggs, frozen chickens, honey, and preserves.
Riverbend Gardens will be bringing their Edmonton-grown corn on the cob (!!), carrots, German Butterball and Butterfly potatoes, beets, fennel, dill, cucumbers, cabbage, kale, coloured cauliflower and broccoli this week!
S4 Greenhouses will be at market this week with their fantastic tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, beans and cucumbers. They make adorable $2 mixed bags just for our Sprouts!

We believe in meat raised using ethical, sustainable methods, and our meat vendors do too! If you're looking for some delicious meat products, look no further:

Jerky Jerky will be bringing their Alberta-made beef jerky to market this week. They always have samples, so be sure to stop by and try some!
Sunworks Farm will be bringing their ethically-raised meats for you to enjoy this week. From full chickens to their ever-popular sausages, Sunworks is your new favourite meat destination!
Skipper Otto's CSF will be at market with their delicious fish from B.C. Skipper Otto's always has a long line-up at SWEFM, so come early to make sure you get your fix!


Who doesn't like delicious baked goods? Our vendors have great items, from sweet and soft cupcakes to salty squares made with cheezies, to wholesome bread made with freshly milled flour. With gluten-free and nut-free bakers, there's something for every lover of baking at SWEFM! The bakers joining us this week are:

Celebrate, Gluten Free is out resident gluten-free baker, with breads, brownies and pastries all made in a gluten-free kitchen. It's the perfect vendor for celiacs or those looking for some of the best tarts in Edmonton!
Sweet Stuff will be bringing her wonderful mini and full-sized cupcakes in a variety of flavours, along with her oatmeal raisin cookies that are perfect with a cold glass of milk.
Confetti Sweets will be at market again this week with their awesome cookies. If you haven't tried the coconut cookie yet, you're missing out!
Cafe O' Play's Little Crumbs Bake Shop is SWEFM's only nut-free baker, with all sweets being made in a completely nut-free facility. Check out all of their fun takes on simple squares!
Prairie Mill Baking Co. makes all of their breads the morning of market day with fresh-milled flour and wholesome ingredients. 


We know you lead busy lives, and our ready-to-eat food vendors are here to help! With options from Turkish to Indian to vegan to sweet, these vendors always have something to help you satisfy a quick craving or serve dinner to your family. Our ready-to-eat vendors joining us this week are:

Honest Dumplings will be back this week with her absolutely wonderful and healthy dumplings. She uses fresh ingredients to colour and fill her products, so be sure to ask her all about her process!
Peter's Lakeview Farms has the freshest saskatoon berries, jams and pies in Edmonton! With their chemical-free saskatoons picked fresh and baked directly into their delicious pies, there's no going wrong with a slice alongside some vanilla ice cream!
Superfood Station will be serving up her delicious Japanese-inspired treats and refreshing sodas made with superfoods at market this week. With ingredients like kale, carrots and gogi berries, her sodas and desserts are a guilt-free indulgence!
Long Lost Foods is our resident vegan vendor, bringing pizza bombs, hummus and dips all made without animal products. Be sure to stop by and try a sample!
Cravings Gelato  is a popular vendor on hot market days, and for good reason! They bring handmade artisan gelato to market in a variety of flavours. The types available rotate week-to-week, so there will always be a new favourite waiting for you!
Fruits of Sherbrooke will be at market this week with their popular preserves made from rescued fruit in Edmonton neighbourhoods. This non-profit society does wonderful work in our community and makes fantastic jam. It's a win-win! 
Mini Kitchen makes fantastic Indian and Thai food for you to take home, heat and serve. If you haven't already, be sure to pick up her delicious samosas with dip! 
will be bringing their wonderful pitas, dips, and olives to market this week. Make a wrap with fresh market vegetables and their tzatziki for a healthy lunch this week!
The Violet Chocolate Company will be bringing her handmade chocolates to market this week, including her feature bar of the month, Strawberry Basil! This bar is perfect for those


Market shopping for local foods can leave you feeling hungry! Our food truck and concession line up is the perfect way to end your evening at market, with healthy and indulgent options that are sure to satisfy everyone. The food trucks joining us this week are:

La Poutine will be at market with their delicious poutines. Their "Canadian" poutine is an indulgent treat on an August market evening!
Yellowbird Cafe Truck is back again this week, serving a wide variety of Japanese dishes to SWEFM guests. If you're looking for a dinner option to fill you up, Yellowbird is a great choice! 
Knosh Catering is back with their unbelievably delicious U.K. comfort food. They love to use fresh fruits from our B.C. fruit vendors at SWEFM... Ask them what's on special this week!
Bully Food Truck is a SWEFM staple and will be offering their fantastic comfort food again this week. They have great salad options for those looking for something a little lighter in the summer heat!
Fat Franks is back and will be ready to serve you their delicious hot dogs and smokies with all the fixings! 
The Pink Kernel will be at market offering mini doughnuts, cotton candy and snow cones. Their iced tea is a popular treat for thirsty kids and adults!
Original Canadian Kettle Corn will be serving up their freshly-popped kettle corn at market this week! If kettle corn isn't your thing, they also have salty popcorn for the crunch without the sweetness!

Farmers' markets are the perfect place to find high-quality, handmade products. Our artisan vendors are incredibly talented and love to share information about their crafts. From soap to jewelry and fashion, they're all worth a visit:

Ada's Soap Shop always has beautiful soaps that are perfect for treating your skin. Made with only natural ingredients, Patrick's soap is sure to soothe and moisturize all skin types!
Carmen's Jewelry will be at market with beautiful handmade jewelry. It's her first week at SWEFM, so be sure to stop by and give her a warm welcome!

See you at market!

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