Monday, 8 June 2015

Vendor Spotlight: Cheeky The Cloth Diaper Company

If you've visited the Southwest Edmonton Farmers' Market so far this season, you've likely strolled by some delightfully bright cloth diapers from Cheeky The Cloth Diaper Company! Our volunteer interviewer, Lilia Yu, chatted with the dynamic sister duo, Abbey and Jessamie, behind Cheeky to learn more about their product, business and vision:

LY: What made you start your business? 

A+J: We were disappointed by the selection of cloth diapers that were available when we were looking at options for our own children.  We were looking for options that were natural and locally sourced but weren’t able to find what we were looking for.  This led to the idea of starting our own business!

LY: What do you love about SWEFM and other farmers’ markets?

A: I love the down-to-earth and grassroots feel of the Southwest Farmer’s Market. I admire [SWEFM]'s support for the local food bank and promotion for healthy eating and living. On top of that, I love the family and kid-friendly atmosphere!

LY: Can you tell me a bit about the process of making your products?

A+J: We spend time choosing the materials that we use in our cloth diapering products because we strive to source everything only from North America.  It's for this reason that we choose to use hemp instead of bamboo for our diaper inserts because bamboo cannot be sourced locally.  We aim to purchase materials directly from mills where we can get to know the company’s labour and manufacturing practices. 

Once the materials arrive, we personally deliver the items to local Edmonton seamstresses who sew the products.  This process can take a few weeks to complete, but throughout the process, we will visit 2-3 times to ensure the quality and standard of the products meets oursatisfaction.  After the products are completed, we pick-up and package the products in our homes in preparation for market day!

LY: What is your most popular product?  Why do you think it’s so popular?

The Everyday Diaper is currently the most popular product but we hope that given time, all of our products will gain popularity.  One of the reasons why customers love this diaper is because of the all-natural materials that are used to make it like the organic cotton lining and 3-layer hemp inserts.  Customers also love how the diapers are so unlike other brands of diapers which are often bulky on tiny infants.  Cheeky diapers are trim and wear nicely under baby clothing!

LY: If you could tell a crowd one thing about your business, what would it be?

We are two mothers who want to have a business with products that we can be proud of! We choose quality and natural materials – and best of all, we support local businesses! 

You can stop by Cheeky Diaper Company's stall at market on June 10 to chat with these great business owners in person and learn more about their fabulous diapers. If you have a favourite vendor at the Southwest Edmonton Farmers' Market that you think deserves a Vendor Spotlight feature, let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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