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Fresh Sheet: July 8, 2015

Celebrate the Season!
Join us WEDNESDAY in the Terwillegar Recreation Center Parking Lot from 4:00-7:30

With some of the country's best produce arriving at our community market every Wednesday, we encourage you to make every meal made with local foods a celebration! Start dinnertime conversations about the taste of the new potatoes, the sweetness of the raspberries and the flavour combinations of your take-home meals. When everyone at the dinner table is vocal about their appreciation for the meal, it not only makes the cook feel great, but it gives our fantastic local foods the attention and celebration they deserve!

Join us here on the "Market Fresh Sheet" every Tuesday to see what's fresh and happening at your favourite farmers' market! For market shopping tips, be sure to check out this page to ensure your market visit is everything it should be. And remember, please leave Fido at home- no dogs are allowed where food is being served!  

Nutrition Tours will be available this week, courtesy of our wonderful nutrition student volunteers from the University of Alberta. Janna, Helen and Chelsey will be on-site between 6 & 7:30pm to answer your nutritional questions, take you on tours of the market and walk you through some of the topics that are explored in our Grab-and-Go nutritional pamphlets. When you're done, you can take home the pamphlet to help you eat healthier every day and quiz your friends on the things you've learned!

This week's Nutrition Tour Theme is Eating For Longevity. Studies have shown that people living in Blue Zones are living long, happy lives. Take this tour to learn about these fascinating studies and the ways in which you can adapt the habits of Blue Zone cultures from around the world to your life here in Edmonton.


The Sprouts Program for kids continues this week! Children between 4-12 will receive a $2 token every week to spend with our fruit and vegetable vendors. This week, our Sprouts recipe is Pegasus Pasta Salad. You can pick up your copy of the recipe at the Sprouts table when you check in! For more information on the Sprouts Program, click here

This week, the bouncy castle will be back for your kids' jumping pleasure and No Excuses will be leading a family Zumba class between 6:00 and 6:45 (weather permitting). Both are a great drop-in activity for those little ones who need to burn off some energy!  

The Southwest Edmonton Farmers' Market aims to enhance and support our vibrant community. Check out how to engage with your neighbours this week!

The Edmonton Public Library, Riverbend Branch will be in the community tent this week, providing information about the fun programs and drop-in events they host at their location. EPL has been known to hand out some pretty great swag and have contests for kids as well, so be sure to say hello! 
AIG Produce will be bringing their Fresh Titan red cherries and Rainer Cherries from their orchards in Osoyoos B.C. to market, along with fresh berries from the Fraser Valley. 
Red Apple B.C. Fruit will be bringing fresh cherries and other fruits to market this week.
Steve and Dan's Fresh B.C. Fruit will be bringing new blueberries, tay berries, logan berries, fresh cherries and strawberries, along with winter apples and pears and their sparkling apple juice. 

Dargatz Family Farm has hanging baskets of strawberry plants, tomato plants, and herb baskets, along with last year's potatoes and their delicious preserves. 
Hibco Greens is back this week with their micro greens from a variety of plants. They have samples of some of their most delicious varieties, so be sure to stop by to try one!
Holden Colony will be bringing a variety of vegetables, eggs and preserves.
Riverbend Gardens will be back at market this week with new potatoes, peas, fresh carrots, beets and dill!
S4 Greenhouses will be bringing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and lettuce. Stop by to take a peek at this week's veggie mascots!

Jerky Jerky will be bringing a variety of dried jerky products. They always have samples to try, so be sure to say hello! 
Sunworks Farm, a certified organic and certified humane farm, will have their fresh chicken – wholes and all cuts along with their beef and pork cuts.  They will also have their wide variety of sausages (gluten, filler and chemical free) with a market special of purchase 9 get the 10th package free.  All meats are raised and processed on Sunworks' farm.

Cakes by Oma will be bringing her delicious cakes made with wholesome ingredients like real butter, lemon rind and fresh fruit. Try her walnut rhubarb cake this week, made from rhubarb Thea grows in her own garden!
Celebrate, Gluten Free is the perfect option for those with gluten sensitivities.
Confetti Sweets is our resident specialty cookie vendor at SWEFM. Ask them about their time in Hollywood next time you stop for a cookie! 
European Cakes will be starting at SWEFM this week, bringing her fun macarons, cannoli and croissants.
Oodles of Chocolates will be bringing their cake pops and single bite delights this week. It's the perfect option for little ones or little appetites! 
Prairie Mill Baking Co. makes all of his bread right in our neck of the woods!
Whether you're looking for a fantastic cinnamon bun or the best sourdough in Edmonton, Owen has a loaf of bread with your name on it!

Sweet Stuff is offering maple cupcakes again this week. They'll be available all June and July.  
Sweet Molodih Madness is back at market with her great veggie sweet treats! She will be bringing Chocolate Spinach Cupcakes with Blackberry Buttercream, Cauliflower cupcakes, Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting, Zucchini Cupcakes, power berry and mixed nut scones and smore scones.

Cafe Bel-Air will be bringing fresh, handmade popsicles to market, including Mango Lassi, Strawberry Double Chocolate Dip, Strawberry Lemonade, Arnold Palmer (sweet tea lemonade) and Avocado Coconut Lime. All of Cafe Bel-Air's popsicles are free of gluten and tree nuts, and they have vegan options available as well!
Chef India Catering will be at SWEFM again this week, bringing Indian foods including Tandoori Chicken Tikka, Chicken Seesh Kebabs, Lamb Seesh Kebabs, Tandoori Chicken Wings, Chicken & Cheese Kebabas, Corriander Dip, and fresh Mango Juice.  
Cravings Gelato will be bringing their handmade gelato in malted chocolate, hazelnut, coconut, mango and strawberry mint as well as their choc/peanut butter gelato pies.
Grace's Asian Food will be starting at SWEFM this week with handmade sushi rolls, korean food and other treats. 
Grouchy Momma's is a new vendor at SWEFM this week, bringing fresh, handmade salsas to market. 
Herbal Approach specializes in hand-blended specialty teas. This week’s sample tea will be Lavender Vanilla Rooibos, the latest addition to their tea collection as a hot tea.Herbal Approach will serve their Organic Berry Berry tea as an iced tea for you to enjoy while you stroll the market.
Melodi's Kitchen is our favourite Turkish food vendor and will be bringing all of their popular dishes for you to try. 
Mini Kitchen specializes in delicious Indian and Thai food. Their samosas and butter chicken are absolutely delicious!
Pink Taffeta Catering will be back this week with their homemade specialties: Balsamic Chicken, Sweet and Spicy Chicken, Sweet Curry Chicken Rice Bowl, Melanzane all Parmigana, Lobster stuffed Corzetti, Sugo Meatballs (they're similar to Swedish meatballs), Garlic Focacci, and starting this week, they will also be serving two traditional drinks: Orzata with mint and Cordial. They will also be accepting all debit and credit cards!
Sweet and Spicy will be starting at SWEFM this week with their hand-blended spice mixes and barbeque rubs, mustard and ketchup. 
Theo's Greek Kouzina bringing their well-loved greek dips and treats to market this week.
Aussie Tucker Bakery will be at market with their fantastic Australian cuisine!
Bully Food Truck will be serving up drool-worthy comfort food using fresh and local ingredients. The Bully Mac is a favourite among SWEFM Volunteers!
Dedo's Food Truck will be joining us again this week with their homestyle food and kebabs. 
Casa 12 Doce will be serving up their authentic Mexican food all market!
Fat Franks will be ready to serve you their delicious hot dogs and smokies with all the fixings!
Knosh Food Truck will be serving steak and mushroom pie, steak and kidney pie, hand held beef and potato pasties, and sausage rolls all served with choice of salad or mash potato and gravy. Stuart's veggie option is a zucchini crepe filled with roasted sweet potato and lentils and served with fattoush salad.
Original Canadian Kettle Corn, a farmers' market staple, will be here this week satisfying all of your cravings for this summer favourite!
The Pink Kernel will be at market for all of you who can't turn down childhood favourites like mini doughnuts, cotton candy and snow cones.
A Bark Above is coming this week, bringing her dog treats and canine wellness products stop by to find the perfect surprise for your favourite pooch! 
Carmen's Jewelry will be selling her wonderful hand-made jewelry for adults and kids.
Cheeky The Cloth Diaper Company will be at market with their locally made diapers.
Morrie's Handicrafts will be bringing his hand-crafted home decor and garden products made from natural stones. 
Prairie Cedar Creations will be selling beautiful handmade cutting boards, planters and more. Talk to Daryl about a custom piece for your garden or deck!
Raven's Hollow will be at market with her handmade jewelry. Be sure to stop by to say hello!
See you at market!

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