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Recipe: BBQ'd Beef Tenderloin Steaks

barbecued beef tenderloin steaks
If you want to BBQ the best cut of meat, hands down, for the BBQ on Father's Day, you have simply GOT to try this recipe. It's easy... but don't get distracted because the timing is everything! If you overcook the meat, then it is just a good steak. But if you cook it just right... seared on the outside & medium rare on the inside... then it absolutely melts in your mouth!

I thought of this recipe for our blog today, with shopping at next market for father's day coming up, because it was my dad who patiently taught me how to undercook meat properly!

Red Tractor Meats and Sunworks Family Farm both carry organic, grass fed beef tenderloin steaks at our market. When selecting them, try to find ones of an even thickness (a good inch and a half in thickness) for best success in timing the cooking for this recipe. Remember, too, as with all our meat vendors, you can place your orders ahead of time. Contact them through their website links to arrange this, then simply show up at the market, pay & take home your outstanding cuts of meat!

Beef fillets (an inch to an inch & a half thickness.. make sure the pieces are all of similar thickness)
olive oil
pepper (fresh, coarsely ground is best... I like using a mortar & pestle)

Select beef fillets that are of uniform thickness to grill together, 1 & 1/2" to 1 & 3/4" thick.

Drizzle a little olive oil onto one the grilling surface of meat. Massage in with fingers. Wash your hands. Rub salt & pepper into the oiled meat surface. Flip each steak over. Wash your hands. Repeat... so that both grilling sides (flat sides) of the fillets are prepared in this way.

Preheat grill to maximum- 500F-550F. Sear both grilling surfaces of fillets, 2 minutes per side.

Turn down heat to medium. Grill 3 minutes per side, turning once. Done! (It might take one more flip & 3 minutes if the meat is quite thick. The secret is to have it still red inside.)

Serve right away or it dries out. Really yummy served with broccolini (with sea salt crystals, fresh lemon juice & a splash of olive oil) & rosemary roasted french fries.

one last note...
If you have any leftovers, slice them very thinly and put them on a salad... paired with a great red wine, it's my favourite go-to hot-summer's day dinner. TRAC is hosting a launch of its fundraising Malbec. This would go wonderfully with beef tenderloin steaks. If you can't attend the fundraiser, stop by Vines and pick up a bottle or a case! You'll be supporting a great cause... which includes our farmers' market!

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Contributed by Sheri Hendsbee

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