Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Fresh Sheet: July 10th Market

From fresh vendors to innovative experiments, there are a few new fun things happening at the market this week:
  • Sweet Grass will be here with spectacular cut flowers... they specialize in gorgeous, eye-popping lilies! Take home a bright bouquet to your table and bring that vibrant flash of colour and the beauty of a summer garden into your home. Lilies are one of those "wow" factor flowers! They'll be available in pots too.
  • Breezesta will be providing extra seating this week while demo-ing their lawn & deck furniture, a series of brightly coloured pieces made from 100% recyclable poly lumber .
  • For the second week in a row, our mobile atm machine will be back on site, situated in a trailer just north of Bully's bright orange food truck at the main entrance to the market. Many people used the ATM machine last week, when we trialled it for an hour and a half (please stop by the info tent to tell us how you found this service)
  • The summer heat we are welcoming is bringing with it a few baking challenges to Raspberry & Cocoa. So OJ & Kevin are using their highly skilled, creative baking talents and trying something other than their decadent croissants... they plan to be bringing out a few new recipes at the market this week: a French version of shortbread called a SablĂ© Cookie in green tea with chocolate, and walnut and tea flavours, along with a Brioche style of bread including bostock with almond fillings or hazelnut fillings and brioche with orange peel and aniseed)
  • Everything Cheese will be here! I know we said it before, and then the market was cancelled because of the tornado... but this week they really will be here! They'll be bringing Oka, Chevre Noir (goat cheddar), Smokehouse cheddar, Italian Style Gouda (from Sylvan Star) and also Local Pecorino (sheep's milk) from The Cheesiry.
  • The South Terwillegar Playground Committee will be at our Community Engagement Tent

Fresh vegetables & fruits in season, and available now at this week's market:

The fruit trucks are bringing a wealth of beautiful fruit in from BC. This week expect to see:
  • Apricots
  • Blackberries 
  • Cherries (dark cherries and what our market manager calls the extra sweet sugar bombs... the Rainers... those pale yellow cherries with just a blush of red colouring)
  • Raspberries
  • Apples (think galas & macs & other delicious BC apples)
  • Pears (green & red)
  • Dehydrated apples, sparkling cider, 100% pure apple juice and a few other goodies
  • Strawberries (not a sure thing... the season is winding down for strawberries)
  • Field-grown rhubarb (not a sure thing as the season is winding down)
As for veggies... they are now officially pouring in from the fields! Expect to see:
  • Peas! Fresh Peas!!!
  • Kohlrabi
  • Fennel
  • Swiss chard, Spinach, Romaine, Leaf Lettuce, Scapes (garlic tops) and more greens
  • Fresh baby carrots
  • Fresh, baby potatoes... don't forget to pick up fresh dill to go with them.
  • Fresh red, purple and golden beets
  • Fresh green/spring onions
  • Green & purple cabbages
  • Over-wintered potatoes (purple, pink, & white fleshed varieties)
  • Over-wintered squashes
  • Long green hothouse beans
  • Hothouse cucumbers (long English and mini varieties that are perfect for packing in lunches)
  • Field-grown spinach (not a sure thing)
  • Fresh cut basil & chives & dill
  • Fresh herb plants (thyme, basil, oregano, parsley, mint, sage, rosemary, dill)
  • Hothouse & field grown lettuces (green leaf lettuce and butter lettuce),
  • Hothouse tomatoes (large, small & on the vine red, the wonderfully flavourful & meaty green & red striped mini zebras) 
  • Hothouse peppers (small & large orange bell, yellow, red, green, & red & green spicy chiles)
    •  A variety of artisan breads, cinnamon buns, cinnamon breads, sweet loaves, gluten-free loaves & baking, cupcakes, homemade cookies, other finger-licking good baked treats
    • Fresh & frozen meats (beef, bison, pork, chicken, fish) & this week Lamb is back with Grenstein Farm!
    • Farm-fresh eggs
    • Jarred pickles
    • Dehydrated garlic powder
    • Fresh raw honey & bee pollen (Want to know more about bee pollen? Click here.)
    • Specialty gelatos (great in this blistering summer heat!)
    • Specialty chocolate bars
    • Greek dips and specialty Greek food items
    • Turkish foods (savoury dinner & lunch items through to sweet desserts)
    • Indian Foods (naan, butter chicken, Samosas, Indian cookies & salty snacks)
    • Thai Foods (frozen & ready for your weekday meals)
    • Ready-made meals and spice mixes and other items perfect for the BBQ season
    • Smoked meats (sausages, pepperonis, sandwich meats, jerkies)
    • Jams & jellies & condiments to compliment everything from your toast through to your meats and fish
    • Authentic Mexican tortillas
    • Sweet treats like fudge, mini cupcakes, snow cones & soft ice-cream to eat on the spot
    • Kettle corn
    What else???
    • Jewellery (necklaces, earrings, bracelets) 
    • Specialty soap (Ada's is back)
    • Fresh cut flowers!!! (lillies are here... double oriental, if you know your gargantuan bulbs!)
    • Great new seating from BREEZESTA Patio Chairs
    Come on up to the market for dinner. The food trucks will be on site, and you can grab a spot of shade under a tree (and perhaps even a spot at one of the highly coveted picnic tables, if you're lucky!) and then devour a scrumptious dinner. Choose from :

    • Sailin' On (vegan), 
    • Bully (gourmet comfort food) 
    • Yellow Bird (Japanese fusion) 
    • Fat Franks (gourmet hotdogs, sausages & smokies)
    • Butcher's Bus (sausage on a bun, pierogies & soft ice cream cones)
    • Pink Kernel (snow cones, mini donuts, popped carnival corn, cotton candy)

    Barring high winds and wild weather, the inflatable slide will be on site along with the face painter and balloon creator. And this week we are continuing with our treasure hunt puzzle that takes the kids, young & old, hunting and seeking throughout the stalls of our market to solve clues and see just how well they know the Southwest Edmonton Farmers' Market. It will be a different puzzle this week! Younger preschool kids will do a visual picture puzzle, and the older kids will have to solve clues to complete their puzzle. Kids can pick up their puzzles at the SWEFM Info Tent, and then, once completed, return them to our volunteers at the SWEFM Info tent for the chance to win fun a prize! Last week's winner will be picking up Sweet Stuff cupcakes... yum!!!

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    Contributed by Sheri Hendsbee

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